Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Wednesday 29th December

Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, London.  A great place for children with very rich parents to pay for all the over-priced rides.  Not so great for tired two year olds, mother-in-laws who lose tokens for said expensive rides and me who has the patience of a saint – St Impatient.
It is a clever system where you buy £1 per token on the premise that each ride ranges from 2 - 8 tokens per person and lasts for approximately twelve seconds.
At least there is lots of food and drink, of course charged at Ritz prices with McDonalds flavour.
We managed to spend £60 in one hour.
I was wishing like mad I too owned a merry go round whilst sitting on a wet cold horse and getting dizzy.  I reckon the owners who look dirty and common are actually multi-millionaires bored with their day jobs.