Friday, 24 December 2010

Thursday 23rd December

Today it’s apparently zero degrees out.  With a wind chill factor it’s more like -10 degrees.  This has really pissed my in-laws off as they were desperate to get out again for their sneaky cafe latte whilst escaping from the kids.  Sounds fair doesn’t it.  Except my mother-in-law said she was over purely to help me.  Back in spain she can go out anytime.  And i guess they have been here for 4 days now!
On a plus note my father-in-law told us that my son asked him if he drinks – he used to, copious amounts – he went on to tell my six year old that he used to but not anymore due to illness.  My son looking completely bewildered said “not drink, shrink”.  He was watching Grandpa in my Pocket and was curious to know if his granddad was able to do the same.
My father-in-law has so far been mildly less annoying than normal.  His wind ups have been kept to a minimum and has only expected to be waited on 90% of the time rather than 100%, so that’s given me a break.