Sunday, 8 May 2011

April - The Chocolate Drug and Being a Royal Observer

Thursday 21 April – Maundy Thursday
Half Term is a funny thing.  Once your kids stop their regular activities it gives the body time to adjust and get very very ill.  In my eldest son’s case it is Gastro Enteritis which involves an initial house decoration of vomit and poo followed by more poo and lots of sleep.
Poor thing and to make it harder my youngest is now getting cabin fever and has started to climb the walls, or more specifically me.
Roll on the end of May when I am sunning it in the Med whilst my husband has to run rings around the kids ... ah bliss!
Friday 22 April – Good Friday
Finally my prison sentence has been lifted and my parole officer, Mr Kingston, is off work for a long weekend.
At the same time my eldest is now started to improve.  I just hope he is well enough for Sunday, the biggest day of his life so far and ours for that matter.
Sunday 24 April – Easter Sunday
Today is a very important day in the Kingston household.  Aside from giving my children chocolate poisoning from overeating but my eldest is going to be a mascot at the Saracen’s Rugby Game and will play rugby on the pitch at half time.
At the match the sun was shining and my husband was so proud I thought he was going to have a hernia.
I, of course, was my usual competitive mum screaming from the terraces and watched my son score a couple of cracking tries.
When they came off the pitch I demanded to know the score and then smugly looked on at the 10,000 strong crowd as if to say “Look at my fantastic son”.
I must have taken about 1000 photos to bore people with over the next few days.

Monday 25th April – Easter Monday
Woken at 5.45am by my youngest.  This as it turns out in the following days is a lie in.  But today this was a killer.
Got woken up again at 6.15am by my eldest saying he wants to do the easter egg hunt straight away.
After forcing my kids to have breakfast whilst i walked outside in my dressing gown and slippers feeling the 6.45am sunshine I managed to hide all the small eggs in the garden.
By 7.21am all the eggs were discovered and the kids were egg-static (sorry couldn’t help it!)
Within another 10 minutes they found the huge easter eggs my sister had left for them which they proceeded to open.
By 8am the kids were on the biggest sugar rush of the century.  They would have been less active had I given them a Class A drug.
By 8.15am Mr Kingston and I were regretting the sugar rush and were praying for the day to end.
It didn’t until 14 hours later when we were nicely tucked up in bed waiting for our early morning wake up.

Friday 29th April – Royal Wedding
I have been so excited about the wedding, you’d think I was a guest or even the bridesmaid.
My invitations had gone out specifically telling everyone to dress in red, white and blue.  The BBQ was cleaned.  The food was prepared.  The alcohol was plentiful.  Most importantly the bunting was up and the flags ready for waving.
As my guests arrived they congratulated me on my beautiful tiara and we waved our flags as we watched the procession of people arrive.
Obviously I was so jealous of Kate.  How dare she live the dream that millions of us have only imagined.
The dress was stunning, Pippa very graceful and the Abbey beautiful.
After waving our flags and singing the National Anthem we ate our food and drank copious amounts of liquid.
And best of all, I was voted the most regal one at the party, obviously!