Saturday, 4 December 2010


A bad start to the day that fortunately for me only got worse.

Firstly I had a stinker of an argument with my husband that revolved around me apparently repeating my requests, or as he calls it "nagging".  I'm sure he meant reaffirming but has a smaller vocabulary than me.

Once he had left home and slammed the front door I was fortunate enough to have to deal with two screaming children on the coldest day of the year.

It is indeed hard to dress a two year old in gloves, hat, scarf, coat, wellington boots and three layers of trousers in five minutes when you are in a rush to get the older child off to school.  Especially when he insists he doesn't want to but wants to play Chase Me instead.

After arriving at the school playground my youngest falls in snow, ice and freezing puddles of water.  At least he was drenched and needed to be carried back to the car, leaving my eldest to go in alone.

Doing my usual music play on a Friday my regular playmate couldn't make it so instead I had to sit alone whilst the other mums who hate me sat together in a huddle and chatted about something I was not allowed to get involved in.

On the plus side, the boiler came on this morning!