Saturday, 4 December 2010

Tuesday 5th October 2010

Two bits of bad news today, The Coalition are taking away my childcare salary as of 2013 and my eldest son has decided to have a temperature and a belly ache.  So not only has my daily job spec been adjusted to include nursing duties but very soon I will be working on a purely voluntary basis.
After dropping my youngest to nursery and negotiating the dangerous car park full of mums making very important phone calls whilst driving their 4x4s I decided to drag my oldest to the local new and improved supermarket.  Improved? Worse if you ask me.  They now have a phone shop which allows morons with a low IQ to sell mobile phones to people by pointing, grunting and giving out leaflets.  And whilst buying my little soldier a slice of watermelon I was told that it is a new product, not on the system so I can’t buy it.  My “taking no nonsense” self soon put paid to that.