Sunday, 26 December 2010

Saturday 25th December

Christmas day went exactly as I expected.  My mother-in-law here to help with the kids couldn’t cope with a tantruming two year old, my husband went into hiding in the bathroom and no one cared that I needed space to actually cook the Christmas turkey.  To top it all off my father-in-law decided to be very ill and need lots of nursing from the mother-in-law taking away attention from the kids. 
When lunchtime finally arrived my mother was on hand to criticise everything I was doing and even tried to pursued my husband that she could carve the turkey better than him.  He was furious but managed to convince her he was just about capable enough.
After a successful lunch where no one insulted each other, swore or put each other down, the kids carried on stuffing themselves with chocolate which gave me ample time to prepare the huge tea, with a little help from my mother telling me the best way to do it of course.