Monday, 25 November 2013

Morphing Into A Human, Celebrating A Birthday and Hiding in the Loos at Rugby

Since my youngest has started reception at school allowing a few hours of me time I have suddenly turned into a domestic goddess frightening my husband in the process.  This has not entailed me turning into Nigella Lawson, licking chocolate seductively off spoons, no.  I have started actually folding clothes from the clothes mountain and more frighteningly, cooking!  Not the usual fishfingers with frozen chips and some vegetables to make myself feel good about myself.  I have started making soups and casseroles and they don't taste awful.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Being A Governor Means Form Filling, Teasing Makes Me Psychotic & Birthday Chocolates for the Allergic

I have been a parent governor now for just over a year and I am now only starting to actually understand what is going on and how I can be the most useful.  I've realised that the way to do this is to fill in lots of forms because the teachers are too busy and get nominated to do a massive fund raiser which involves a lot of headaches, politics and stress.

After brooching the subject with my husband of doing the fund raiser in which he has forbidden me I am now going to do what all good wives do and that is to completely ignore him and do it anyway out of obligation to the school.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

No one Has Supermarket Etiquette, Being a Bad Mother and The "Breast Is Best" Brigade is Out In Force Again

Being a mummy, my favourite time of the week is Saturday.  I enjoy this as I can offload the kids onto my husband whilst I spend quality time to myself.  I make any excuse to go out even if it is for just half an hour and have even taken up the exercise to really escape.

Friday, 8 November 2013

November, what a funny month

November for me is a funny month.  After the excitement of October where I celebrate my birthday and turn into the Princess I secretly hide 364 days a year, October contains my favourite holiday - Halloween!

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Post Half-Term Stress Disorder and Boiling of the Gym Bunnies

The end of half-term is very similar to that euphoric feeling when you have won something or that nice tingly feeling you get when you have had just enough to drink to make you tipsy but not too much that you feel dizzy and sick.

I am pleased to say that I currently have that nice feeling now that the weekend is here and they are now pestering their daddy.  It has been a long week made up of playdates, tennis club, indoor play areas, trick or treating and a day trip to see their daddy at work for lunch.  This means he gets the joy of an hour of them being given treats whilst I have to endure the hour and a half journey each way of dirty trains, rude passengers and trying to ensure my children don't catch the Ebola virus due to licking the windows, hand rails and upholstery.