Thursday, 24 March 2011

Tormenting Ms Jobsworth and the farm animals

Thursday 24th March
After dropping my eldest off at school I went home to await Ms Jobsworth from the local Council Planning office.  She was coming over to find fault with our planning application.  Ms Jobsworth would have come over earlier, however she cancelled the last appointment due to having a slight cold and as a public servant working for the Council, obviously took that as a sickie.
Ms Jobsworth was very annoyed as our plans are pretty accurate and fair, however she was able to find a petty and pathetic fault with our boundary wall declaring that the gutter was slightly too close to our boundary.
We are obviously going to contest this as we can’t afford the extension for a while and therefore have time on our hands to waste with the local Council.
Later that day I took my youngest to a Farm where he tormented the guinea pigs and threw balls at any child near him in the ball pit.  After 10 minutes I gave up shouting at him and took him out to enjoy the tractor ride. 
By the time we both left the animals were scared and the farm hands were harassed.  My son’s work was done for the day.