Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Because his heart belongs to daddy!

Sunday 13th March
It has dawned on me today that my youngest son who was always a mummy’s boy has defected to the dark side and started to vie for the affections of daddy.  Bastard!  My eldest was always a daddy’s boy and I had reluctantly accepted my position as second to the alpha male.  My youngest however made sure I was the alpha in my family, coming to me to show me the work he had done – translated into the mess he had created – crying to me when he had scuffed his nose on the concrete or to get food for him. 
But in the last couple of weeks he has been nagging my husband more than me.  In practicality this has offered me the opportunity to actually enjoy my weekends a little more but emotionally this has left a small hole in my heart.  The cries for “Dada! Dada!” are frustrating.  Why not “Mama! Mama!”? 
Mr Kingston has rightly pointed out in the next few years he will bombarded with activities with two boys whilst I can leisurely enjoy my weekends.  I’ll go mad with boredom!