Monday, 7 March 2011

A Tale of Two Birthday Parties

Saturday 5th March
Today was very much like a game of 2 halves.  Both halves revolving around birthday parties and ironically the 6th birthday party was more fun, more relaxing and more sociable than the 40th birthday party.
Dragging my husband to the 6th birthday party meant I could interact with adults discussing such important matters as who is the sexiest male in True Blood and why we hate Artie Fartie – or whatever his name is.
The 40th birthday party was a more mature affair with a gorgeous marquee, alcohol on tap and lovely food served on a regular basis. The host and hostess were as always fabulous.  The right recipe for a beautiful party, except for the 150 attendees who were cliquey, nerdy, uninteresting and unsociable.  I have never been a wall flower but after being rebuffed by a few individuals who were more keen to stick to their group of friends, my husband and I cowered in the corner contemplating whether or not to leave.  As luck would have it our youngest was not happy with the babysitter and screamed for our return.  He must be psychic.