Sunday, 16 January 2011

Thursday 13th January

Well, this has been an eventful day.
My first port of call was Next to buy my son some boots for those cold but not wet days.  I had made the hideous mistake of telling my two year old we were getting shoes so when we arrived he refused to put the boots on and would only try on pink trainers and lovely lacy ballet slippers whilst running around the shop shouting “shoooooooooes”.
Next on the agenda was our weekly trip to the farm and indoor play.  I am not sure if tiredness had taken hold but after walking around looking at the small animals pushing my pram I realised it was actually someone else’s pram with handbag included.  What surprised me is that in that ten minutes no one had claimed the pram as their own.
After picking my eldest son up from school it was time to take him swimming, an event I detest as I have to crawl through the inadequate indoor play meant for three-year-olds not thirty-something women with large boobs.  To make the occasion more annoying I bumped into the lady who had been particularly rude to me the week before.  So in true mature fashion when she looked in my direction I gave her a filthy look.  I didn’t stick out my tongue but I may as well have.
Oh, and I can’t find a decent electrician as my usual one has decided to make his numbers unavailable, is he telling me something?