Sunday, 16 January 2011

Saturday 15th January

I really believe some people are put on this earth just to annoy me.  I would even go so far to say that I don’t think they actually exist but just pop up when I am around to wind me up.
Today was such an occasion.  I was having my nails done in a salon I frequent every three weeks.  Beside me was another client who was enjoying names dropping at every turn.  “I bumped into so-and-so the other day”, “I had a lovely chat with such-and-such” and “they were wonderful people, so lovely.  I can’t think why the paper is so scathing” etc etc.
This in itself was irritating but then Heston Blumenthal came up in conversation.  I remarked that I loved his excitement about food and she said she “can’t stand the man”.  She went onto to say that her daughter frequented The Fat Duck but found it all very tedious and that the restaurant should just serve normal food and get over itself.  Why on earth would you go to a restaurant famed for its difference and complain about it, especially with a huge price tag.  Well she couldn’t answer that one.
Later she buggered off and another client came in with the same passion for food as me and despite realising she is a woman of the world there was no names dropping, no airs and graces just a charming woman who gave me some names of lovely restaurants to go to.