Monday, 25 November 2013

Morphing Into A Human, Celebrating A Birthday and Hiding in the Loos at Rugby

Since my youngest has started reception at school allowing a few hours of me time I have suddenly turned into a domestic goddess frightening my husband in the process.  This has not entailed me turning into Nigella Lawson, licking chocolate seductively off spoons, no.  I have started actually folding clothes from the clothes mountain and more frighteningly, cooking!  Not the usual fishfingers with frozen chips and some vegetables to make myself feel good about myself.  I have started making soups and casseroles and they don't taste awful.

Ontop of this I have started exercising more and morphing into a semi normal human being.

Now you know why my husband is very scared.

As well as turning into a half-humanoid like creature I have become slightly more sociable and even went to the Reception Class coffee morning.  I say slightly more sociable as my wicked side still managed to remain frosty to the particularly thick mums who drive me bloody mad.  I still find it impossible to discuss hair, nails and clothes without rolling my eyes and yawning loudly, however I am learning to act more interested by furrowing my brow and nodding approvingly when topics such as who the best hairdresser is and which leggings look better around the thighs and bottom.

This week also included my eldest's birthday.  He was so excited and so I cooked like a demon to make his favourite supper which luckily for me is a doddle.  So on his birthday he got cards, presents and his favourite meal which he got to eat with all his family including daddy who worked from home that day.

The week was topped off with my eldest playing rugby at Saracens in the morning whilst my youngest looked on from the sidelines and screamed his support.

Later that day watching Saracens play my youngest could not understand why he was no longer allowed on the pitch.

For me the game was very dull after the morning's events so I managed to slip off for most of the game to the ladies toilets which were very posh with their mahogony finish to sneek in some candy crush on my phone.  Ah the joys of the smart phone!