Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Being A Governor Means Form Filling, Teasing Makes Me Psychotic & Birthday Chocolates for the Allergic

I have been a parent governor now for just over a year and I am now only starting to actually understand what is going on and how I can be the most useful.  I've realised that the way to do this is to fill in lots of forms because the teachers are too busy and get nominated to do a massive fund raiser which involves a lot of headaches, politics and stress.

After brooching the subject with my husband of doing the fund raiser in which he has forbidden me I am now going to do what all good wives do and that is to completely ignore him and do it anyway out of obligation to the school.

If you wonder why my husband is so anti my participation, that is because I spent two thankless years working on a community playground which was difficult at the best of times and impossible at the worst.  It also meant I couldn't do any real work and ensured we had no holiday in that time.

Even the kids are begging to go abroad, it must be that bad!

And talking of kids, my eldest is in year 4 where children are starting to really find their own positions in life.  It seems that my son, who is gifted and good at sport has found his place is to be teased by the other children as a "geek".  This may sound minor to you and I, indeed, I pride myself on my geek chic ways, however a 9 year old doesn't seem to have the same optimistic outlook.

He has asked them to stop and said that as it is his birthday today he doesn't want any name calling.

For those of you who are like me who imagine this geek to be four-eyed (like myself) and quite a clutz, having got into the next round of rugby in the U9s where tackling is his forte, I can assure he is not.  Unfortunately for my son he is a true gentleman and the name calling causes him to get upset and sit quietly.  I was hoping it would bring out the rugby side of him and perhaps a tackle or two might change the dynamic but no!

I have decided that if this name calling carries on I will do a "Rebecca DeMornay" from the Hand That Rocks The Cradle.  For those who haven't seen it, there is a great scene in a playground when the little girl in her care is being bullied.  I defy any parent to not relish that scene with gusto.

Despite this little hiccup, my eldest is proudly wearing his birthday badge today and asked me yesterday to buy some goodies to hand out to the class at the end of the school day.

Having got a mix of cadbury goodies, I have been told that one child has a nut allergy and another a dairy allergy. So for the most part the kids will get their sugar rush and the allergic to everything kids will go without.

I know I will be remonstrated by the teachers for my heartless decision to exclude the allergic kids but ho-hum, tough shit on them I say!

Happy Birthday to my big guy