Sunday, 3 April 2011

April Fool and the art of sucking up

Friday 1st April
I love April Fools Day.  An opportunity to torment anyone and everyone whilst hiding behind the thin veil of April Fool.
Today I managed to fool my six year old into thinking he was late for school resulting in inside out clothing and buttons being done up incorrectly.  Oh, what joy.
But today has not been all jovial.  There has been work to do around this bloody community playground renovation.
I have been busy doing a suck up letter to a local celebrity asking her to be patron of our charity, knowing full well the letter will be unread and unopened.
I have started organising a fund raiser which involves more sucking up to potential attendees, sponsors and raffle prize donators.   All this sucking up is very bad for my health and I am sure I am coming down with a nasty rash and bad case of bullshit-itus.  Highly contagious.
On the plus side my fitness fanatical friend has dragged me on a power walk over hills and dales and in very muddy paths.  It has given me the opportunity to swear at someone, a nice change from sucking up.