Sunday, 17 April 2011

Man-flu, a son with real sickness and a wasted week

Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th April
This week has felt like a holiday for me as my youngest has been in a kiddie camp every morning with his brother.  So for the first time in two years I have had each morning to myself to do anything I want.  These have included:
·        Putting petrol in the car
·        Food shopping
·        Folding clothes
·        Cleaning the house
·        Studying
·        Replying to community emails
What a bloody waste !
Then the weekend arrived and with that illnesses.  First my husband was complaining of man flu and complained that I wasn’t sympathetic enough to his needs.  I wasn’t.
As my husband started to recover from his mystery illness my son decided to have real sickness which started out as a tiny tummy ache and ended in a decoration of the hall carpet of vomit mixed in with lots of diarrhoea.  Whilst my husband dutifully scraped up the sick and used our carpet cleaner I was delegated to runny poo management, wiping up my son, the clothes, the toilet area and my hands.  This was followed by a couple of hours of “sharting”.  Please see me for a description of this wonderful word.
At least the sun has been shining.