Monday, 11 April 2011

A reptile, a car washer, lots of vomit and 2 horses "lying very still"

Saturday 9th April
Today has been a very surreal day.  It started off as a normal Saturday, home-made pancakes followed by Mr Kingston taking the youngest swimming whilst I took my eldest to Kumon.
After rushing to a birthday party the kids enjoyed arts and crafts followed by lunch and football in the garden. 
After the party we walked home bumping into the local car washer who discussed which football star has moved in where.  I didn’t recognise a single name but my son got very excited.
After the nice walk we decided to go garden furniture hunting and drove to the local garden centres.  A great strip of road with garden centres, aquariums, pet shops and a reptile house.
So after looking at a dozen garden tables we bought the children a “99” each at £1.50 and walked to the reptile house.  At this point our youngest didn’t want the ice-cream and alarm bells should have rung then.  But we put it down to tiredness.
Going into the reptile house my eldest and I stood outside with our ice-creams but the owner ushered us in saying it was not a problem but not to spill it on the floor.  “No problem” we said.
My youngest squealed with delight at the snakes, chameleons, tarantulas and lizards until he threw up all over the shop floor not once, not twice but three times.  Poor thing was so sick and cried his eyes out.
My husband and I came to his rescue immediately and after offering to clear the mess off the floor, which they said they would sort out, we left the shop and drove home.
Taking the kids home and putting our little one to bed to rest we watched the Grand National, a great tradition in our home.
It proved difficult to lie to a six year old about the two dead horses when explaining why the jockeys were riding around Beechers Brook and the Chair.  He bought it, phew!
What will tomorrow bring?