Sunday, 3 April 2011

Mothers Day, Shmothers Day ! It's all about the kids

Sunday 3rd April – Mothers Day
Pre-children I always thought Mother’s Day was an excuse for mums to get their own way and not be at MY beck and call.  It was a travesty.
Flash forward to today and I am now a massive proponent of Mother’s Day.  In fact, I firmly believe it should be mid-week, not a Sunday and that it should be a public holiday designed solely for mums everywhere to fully utilise the day being completely selfish.  Of course shopping centres, hairdressers, spas and other useful shops should stay open with penalties for closure.
Today was a very special day for me.  Of course it started as any normal day should with my youngest waking us at 5am.  Dozing off at 5.45am I was awoken at 6am by my eldest shouting “Happy Mother’s Day” and presenting me with a card and gifts before announcing he was still tired and going back to bed.
So far so annoying.
I was fully prepared for a selfless day of rugby, watching my eldest at a rugby festival (didn’t even know these things existed) followed by a Saracens game.
But thinking my glass was half empty I ended up having the time of my life watching my son win match after match against all odds, chatting with his team mates’ parents and enjoying the sunshine.
The best part of the day was realising that the winning streak meant we were too late to watch Saracens and instead took my family for a lovely meal where we wallowed in our son’s glory.
I have lost my voice from cheering my son on and have gained weight from the fudge, icecream and chocolate bought for me but I have realised that the best mother’s day is enjoying my children shine and cheering them onto victory.
No spa could ever better that.  However to test that theory I have of course booked a luxury spa weekend away in June with a friend.  Well, you have to be sure, don’t you?