Monday, 7 February 2011

Downsizing to allow food as well as heat and reverse-burglary

Monday 7th February
Following a depressing January where we realised that a luxury holiday for two weeks was off the cards this year we decided to look into reducing our mortgage from gigantic to very, very large.  This downsizing in mortgage payments will result in us being able to afford food as well as heat.  This is a real bonus during the winter months when lettuce and cucumber is not very appetising.
That being said, I am still recovering from a Saturday night made up of lots of red meat and even more red wine.  Feeling like a good match on the night they are proving to be dire on the stomach in the hours and days after.  But it was worth it to watch men with large portions of rare meat on skewers slicing chunks off to be devoured with some English mustard.  It felt very Tudor-esque.
I am starting to wonder if my house is being reverse-burgled on a regular basis with strangers adding dirty clothes to my laundry basket.  I seem to wash and dry more clothes than belongs in my house.  Following this revelation I looked at the crime sight – to find there is no category for breaking into houses and putting things in.  I may have to write a stern letter to my local MP demanding this category be put in place.