Saturday, 19 February 2011

Cake Sales and Weather Woos

Friday 18th February
Today was my son’s class Cake Sale which in true English fashion is held on the coldest day outdoors, it was a wonder it didn’t rain.  I was very excited to show off my baking skills so in true Slummy Mummy fashion I shopped for some lovely goodies which I then passed off as my own.  I had no guilt as I was not alone in this although the mums in the class priced everything as though it were from Fortnum & Mason rather than the local supermarket.  Despite this the stand was heaving thanks to the mum no one likes who did actually bake some amazing cup cakes.  I really don’t like her!
Saturday 19th February
In true half term tradition, the week has started off cold and rainy and this is likely to last another four days at least.  Thank goodness.  I was worried that the sun might actually show its face allowing some fresh air time rather than reconstituted air from the inside of my house.  If winter goes on much longer I’ll start to believe I am in a Scandinavian country rather than Blighty.