Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Pre-School Birthday Parties - YUK

Saturday I was forced to go to yet another pre-school party which included the usual key ingredients:
  1. Mums dolled up to the nines trying to outdo eachother in their war paint and heels department
  2. An entertainer who seemed to believe 4 year olds are very deaf so needed her mic up to 450 decibels inorder to either make their ears bleed or other kids cry
  3. A lot of 4 year old children running around on sugar, loud entertainment and S Club Seven (the last of which I am happy to dance to)
During the party I was lucky enough to listen in on important conversations such as who's hair looks the best, which holiday to go on next and how little sex they are having with their husbands.

Also there seems to be a trend at the moment not to provide decent nourishment to children such as vegetables or juice.  Now it is the thing to give them jam sandwiches, crisps and chocolate as a staple lunch whilst making sure the parents get nothing except for a breadstick and water (sparkling of course).  I wouldn't mind but the party was from 12 to 2pm so over the lunch period.

Don't get me wrong (I know I sound so up myself), at my son's party they had pizza but at least there was carrot, tomatoes and cucumber for them to ignore at leisure.

I have decided to go to the next party in a cocktail dress and demand champagne, it may start a trend!