Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Monday 11th February - I am the Guv'nor Which Apparantly Requires Diplomacy

After a typical Monday, stressful morning getting the kids ready for school, working in the morning, stressing out in the afternoon with my 4 year old after pre-school pick up, it was time for school pick up.

But this year my normal pick up is considerably different to the past three years due to nominating myself as a Parent Governor and actually being voted in to do it.

Now this is not a compliment or testament to my fabulous diplomacy (I don't have any), my desire about politics and current affairs (which I do have) or being really liked by the parents at the school (they don't), it's purely because no other mug would do the bloody job!!

On this typical cold Monday 2 parents from Year 5 approached me with a problem and this was it ...

They have tried very hard to arrange a meeting as their daughters are going to a mosque as part of their RE education and they are very very unhappy that their daughters have to cover their heads and are will not allow this to happen.

Now before you gape in astonishment (which i managed not to do but furrowed my brow and looked un-flabbergasted)

They pointed out to me:
  1. they are not racist and are "fine" with their children going to a Mosque (they are racist and they are not fine)
  2. they fully embrace all religions and have the utmost respect for all races/religions/colour etc etc (they don't)
  3. they are happy for their daughters to go to a mosque on the condition they do not have to cover their heads (they are not happy about it and do not respect other cultures)
Have you ever seen Avenue Q? If not I recommend it.  There is a song in it called "everyone is a little bit racist" and I firmly believe as a human being we all are.  We are all a little fearful of the unknown and this is natural.  But I am sick to death of people claiming not to be and being so bloody blatantly so!

I remained very diplomatic, didn't state the bloody obvious and just suggested they note down their issues, arrange a meeting and minute it all to ensure it is all addressed.

I didn't shout "My GOD, you cannot honestly believe what you are saying!  I hope you are not poisoning your children with your "non-racist" views!!"

Maybe I am diplomatic afterall.

And for the record, when my son visits the Mosque he will do as is required of him.  When in Rome, do as the Romans do whether you like it or not!