Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Swimming, crawling in vomit and an AWOL electrician

Today started as any normal weekday should, the first few hours running around attempting to shower, get dressed and look seemingly human whilst simultaneously ensuring my two sons were doing their usual routine inorder to get them to school and pre-school.

The morning continued in the same vein, doing a drive by at the primary school followed by waiting in the Pre-School corridor for the 9.15am door to open at its usual time of 9.21am.

After the most boring morning at work being designated the shittiest jobs around and picking my son up at 1pm we went to his swimming class.

Today was a special day as son no2 had his new goggles which allowed him to try to drown himself at least 3 times which he found very exciting.  The lifeguard or myself not so much, but beggars can't be choosers!

Today was particularly important as my useless in-laws were going to "help" me in the afternoon and evening - an arrangement that had been made around the same time as the Magna Carta - as I needed to help a friend during my youngest bed time.

But no, with five minutes to go I got a phone call from the in-laws to say that the electrician had come unexpectedly and had popped out for "two minutes" about an hour ago and had left all his "gear" in the flat.

To stall things I decided to let my youngest go in the indoor play.  After five minutes Son No2 came out with a very funny smell and "stuff" on his trousers.  "Mummy, I've crawled through someone's sick".  Had he been sick, no his face was clean but his trousers - dear god! Have you ever had to use bog roll to clean someone else's vomit off your trousers - it isn't easy.  At least the mums in the indoor play were sympathetic and looked at Son No2 like the devil and proceeded to tell me that their little darlings hadn't thrown up.  I prayed silently that the boy in the ball pool currently chucking his guts up would come out covered in his own disgusting vomit and smear it on said mother!!

Having to then go straight to the useless in-law's flat, we waited for the electrician who had gone AWOL. 

The dopey electrician finally came back fixed the problem ... at least we think he did, we won't apparently know until midnight "when the light will come on".  My mother-in-law was ecstatic.

Back at home I had to prepare Son No2 for bed and make supper which would cook whilst I rushed out for half an hour to help my friend and pick up Son No1.

On strict instructions to turn off the hob when the buzzer went but keep on the oven, I came home to the hob burning the vegetables whilst the chicken was un-cooking itself in the cold oven which had been turned off.

Sheesh - what a day.  Serves me right for needing the in-laws help - next time I'll use a complete stranger!