Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Wednesday 13th Feb - Class Reps AKA Bored Mums AKA Control Freaks

Why would any mum be a class rep?

The job isn't paid, involves trying to pass on valuable information, arrange social events, drum up support for the bloody cake sale and listen to other mums bitching about how they would have done a better job but not actually do it!

I steer clear of my class reps as one is a dodgy geezer bird with an even dodgier geezer "been nicked a few times" husband and the other is a frightening school mum who garners fear wherever she treads - she is also the Pre-School class rep so is obviously a bored housewife and control freak.

This week we have a class rep meeting with the Headmistress and me as Parent Gov'nor.

The headteacher had asked me to write a formal class rep "job spec" as all hell was breaking lose in the school so I thought this would bring harmony.  So instead of an anarchistic approach, which has been the norm until now, I opted for a structure of Social class rep and organisation class rep.

I might as well have put on paper that I wanted all class reps dead and their children eaten by a monster.

"We like it as it is" Translation: We like anarchy and doing what the hell we want
"This is too formal" Translation: Because structuring an important role will mean I actually have to do some proper thinking
"Why arrange social things for the class" Translation: I have my clicky group in my class of nasty bitches and we like excluding people.

On the whole it went down quite well considering.