Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Out and about with the famous & In and around with the commoners

Monday 19th September

It has come to my attention that I live in an area where chatting to the A listers is par for the course.

My day started out like any other Monday, dropping my eldest at school whilst being ignored by the various bitchy mums, popping home to finish clearing up with the help of my 2 year old (no breakages) and being very angry at my broken television.

After clearing away the morning rush I took my son to a toddler gym activity that he goes to every week and was surprised to see quite a few children had joined the class.  This immediately put my nose out of joint due to the fact my child is normally spoilt for attention.  But I needn't have worried.  He was pulling his usual faces and running around like a child on amphetamines.  I was so proud.  Not so proud of a new trick he has where he pulls up his eyebrows whilst saying "look Japanese".  I wonder how long it will be before he is put on the young racist lists that the Government have so helpfully created.

After lunch and a chance to sit in the lounge watching Something Special on my laptop I picked my eldest son up from school.

After getting changed I dropped him off at tennis to find myself confronted by a very famous singer who was also taking her son to tennis.  I am pleased to say I managed to somehow annoy her by breathing and tried in vain to be friendly to redress this issue.  By doing so I managed to look like a groupie desperate for her to acknowledge my presence.  Nice!

At least my email to a Z-list reality celeb and fellow school parent went down well.  I was asking him to attend a Fund Raiser I am holding next year.  

Speaking to a friend whilst my eldest played tennis, we realised we must live in "Mount Pleasant" where your neighbour is a singer, your school friend is a footballer, a parent is a Z-list celeb and the local rugby coach is an ex-England player.  Definitely another dimension.

Tuesday 20th September 

Its funny how one day you are chatting with the creme de la creme, and the next you are waiting in for a brick layer who has decided not to turn up and a tv repair man who is refusing to give me a time any more accurate than between 9am and 5pm.

At 12pm, the TV repair man arrived with his henchmen and proceeded to whistle through his teeth (a sure sign of being ripped off) and wouldn't commit to a further delivery date.  Do you think he is going to steal my TV?

After my run in with the TV repair thief I briefly had lunch followed by a short argument with my husband regarding getting a job or working from home ... ideally that pays.

Oh, the joys of real life only occasionally impaired by my fleeting life as a housewife who rubs shoulders with the elite.